About Music Group

The Music Class provides an introduction to Indian Classical music.  Students are exposed to the fundamental pillars of music - rhythm and melody.  They are taught some basic raagas (melodies) and taalas (rhythms) used in Indian music.

They will learn several foundational songs and bhajans such as the Indian national anthem (Jana - Gana - Mana), a film song based on classical music (e.g. Hum ko man ki shakti denaa), and traditional classical raaga based compositions.

They will also learn the basics of the Indian rhythm and the percussion instrument  - Tabla.  This includes recognizing and reciting the different sounds and several rhythmic compositions in tabla (e.g. Kayda, Tukda, Chakradhaar).

The class is open to students at all levels. Students will have an opportunity to perform what they learn, at Vidyalaya annual day as well as Bharatiya Temple religious festival events.

Most importantly, this class will open up the beautiful world of Indian classical music to your children - something they can choose to take up more seriously or enjoy by becoming avid listeners throughout their life.

The group is run by Bharatiya Vidyalaya volunteers.

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