About Cooking Group

Bharatiya Vidyalaya has been offering cooking classes in the Summer
program since 2018. Additionally, now Bharatiya Vidyalaya has started
cooking classes on select Sundays during the regular program. One of our
goals is to help kids enjoy cooking. It is a very important skill to stay
Long Term goals of cooking classes are as follows:

  •  Taking care of nutritional needs of family and friends
  •  Learn new vocabulary and names of different ingredients used in cooking
  •  Learn how certain food keeps our body healthy
  •  Learn Math concepts: Counting, Measurement and fraction to prepare a new recipe
  •  Learn about different textures and flavor of ingredients
  •  Learn names of different spices and celebrate cultural heritage by demonstrating recipes of authentic Indian Cuisine
  •  Learn how to use kitchen tools safely under parents’ supervision
  •  Learn how food changes with the temperature
  •  Learn how to plan, prepare and complete projects on time by following recipes from start to finish
  • Last but not least:  Have fun learning something new
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