Gita Chanting Group Sr (5-12)

About Gita Chanting Group

The Gita Chanting group focuses on memorizing verses of a particular chapter from Srimad Bhagavad Gita. While the initial focus is on memorizing the verses, the meanings of the verses are also added towards the later part of the instruction. The objective is to lay the foundation in the teachings of Gita so that these teachings become the guiding light in life’s trials and tribulation.

Wide spectrums of children participate in the group starting from the first graders all the way to High School kids. We follow the same number of verse allocation as set forth worldwide by Chinmaya Mission.

Having mastered the verses, children get an opportunity to participate in the International Gita Chanting competition. For past many of years, the Bharatiya Vidyalaya students have shown amazing talent and have brought pride to Vidyalaya by winning the competition and moving on to regional and final competition. Additionally, the kids get to showcase their talent during pious temple occasions like Prana Pratistha, Krishna Janmashtami as well as Vidyalaya functions.

The group is run by Bharatiya Vidyalaya volunteers.

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