About BV Language Program

“If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his own language that goes to his heart”  - Nelson Mandela

Our Mission, Vision and Values:

  • Develop basic reading, writing and communication skills in the various Indian languages in the context of Indian(American) culture, traditions and values.
  • Enable student to confidently communicate, build and foster relationships with others who speak the same language
  • Provide a greater global understanding of the world we live in via their own mother tongue
  • Classes are conducted in the following Indian Languages:
    • Gujarati, Hindi, Kannada, Sanskrit, Tamil, and Telugu
    • Any language can be made available subject to sufficient number of students 

Language Curriculum

Beginners (Level I)

· Recognize, Read, Pronounce, and write all Alphabets (Must)

· Read and Write Numbers up to 20

· Write own first and last name

· Pronounce and memorize following:

o Days of the week, Body parts , Name of common Animals

o Name of common things in the room and Common conversation words

o Read and write simple words of 2 to 4 letters [without using Matras (Vowels)]

o Pronounce, read, recognize and write Numbers up to 20

· Learn to speak simple sentences * General talking (Must) Common useful words (Good manners, greetings, daily chores, etc)

· Make following as project, show and tell etc

o Learn to recognize Family relationship

o Colors and shapes * Name of common Animals, fruits and vegetable which we use daily

(After two years child must move in the Intermediate class Level II)

Intermediate (Level II)

· Reinforcing the skills Learned in the LEVEL I or Beginners class

· Recite Bhajan and Poetry · Recognize and Write Numbers up to 30 (Must)

· Introduction of the place of Matras (Vowels and Consonants) and their use. (Must)

· Introduction to Vocabulary and basic tenses, Genders, Singular/ Plural (Must)

o General talking (Good manners, greeting, daily chores, games etc)

o Make project, show and tell etc per student’s interest.

· Read first and write general use words – days, months, address, hobbies etc.

· Read and write name of common animals, birds, plants, fruits and vegetable

Advanced (Level III)

· Reinforcing the skills Learned in the LEVEL II or Intermediate class

· Read and write larger words with Matras

· Master Sentence construction and Translation with Tenses – Written and Verbal

· Learn to Speak and read small simple stories and write stories (if you travel to India, asking for direction or when buying something talking to the vendor or telephone conversation with friends and family etc)

· Pronounce, read, recognize and write Numbers up to 50